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Fw: X11 keysym to Unicode mapping


 В продолжение дискусии.

 To: Ivan Pascal.  См. комментарии. Это как-нибудь с XLOCALE
будет пересекаться ?


-----Original Message-----
From: Markus Kuhn <Markus.Kuhn@cl.cam.ac.uk>
To: Gianni Mariani <marianig@cwix.com>
Cc: Alexander Voropay <a.voropay@globalone.ru>; Steve Vickers
Date: 11 e?iy 1999 a. 2:55
Subject: Re: X11 keysym to Unicode mapping

Gianni Mariani wrote on 1999-06-10 21:49 UTC:
> Before I left SGI we developed one.  I'd contact Shoji Kuwahara at SGI and
> get it from them.  It was always my intent to release the mapping since we
> got a bunch of help from everyone.  Failing to contact Shoji, try
> Marc Von Holzen.

Thanks for the information. I have in the mean time created already a
complete table based on a draft version from Richard Verhoeven
<river@win.tue.nl>. I'll append it below. It is already part of
the very latest xterm development version on


(patch #106 or newer), which now understands all keysyms in UTF-8 mode
(option -u8). Works lovely.

It would be quite important for further progress with Unicode under
Unix, that at least UTF-8 will soon be properly supported under the X11
sample implementation as a multi-byte character set. All the basic
mechanics is already there (for various east Asian encodings), but they
just have not been implemented for UTF-8. Do you know, whether SGI has
any interest in getting UTF-8 properly supported in the X11 sample



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