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Fw: charset patch for tin


 Потихоньку народ начинает iconv внедрять...

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From: Urs Jan?en <urs@tin.org>
Newsgroups: tin.dev
Date: 1 ia?oa 2000 a. 17:59
Subject: Re: charset patch for tin

On Wed, Mar 01, 2000 at 03:39:18PM +0300, Andy Igoshin wrote:
> i've attached a patch for tin which adds support for reencoding
> of non-ascii characters (taking the info from MIME headers) to local
> charset, using iconv.

good idea but it's unusable as some systems do not have iconv but need
charset-convertion. what we would need is: a) a configure check for
iconv [iconv.h, iconv_t, iconv(), iconv_open(), iconv_close()] _and_
a fallback solution if the system lacks iconv.

another note: the 1.4.x is 'frozen', new features should go to the
(unstable) 1.5.x branch. Jason Faultless is currently rewriting most
of the raw-article to displayable-article handling/code (mime-decoding,
etc.pp.), so if you like to work on that LOCAL_CHARSET stuff (see
notes above) you'd better talk with him (or tin-dev@tin.org) about the

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