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Re: XFree 4.0 released

On Tue, Apr 11, 2000 at 05:30:00PM +0700, Eugene B. Byrganov wrote:
> >   Кстати, когда я писал про iso-ir-111 Алексей Новодворский сказал, что
> > наличие в ней кроме русских/украинских еще и белорусский букв особым
> > достоинством не является, поскольку у белорусских (белАрусских) пользователей
> > особенного рвения к белорусской локализации нет. (Или я что-то путаю?)
> >   А недавно сам предложил беларусскую локаль. :-)
> А еще, недавно выяснили, что сербы не могут пользоваться 1251, так как
> их символы лежат в C1.
Hi there!

I am a Belarusian user. We are few but we exist. ;-))
I do know only one web page in Belarusian made using 
koi8-blah-blah. It contains poetry and it looks pretty 

So, the presence of Belarusian letters in iso-ir-111 
does not mean that Belarusians would use it. There are
only two encodings that are presently used for 
Belarusian: windows-1251 and iso-8859-5.

This situation will not change with the introduction of
Belarusian characters in koi8-r derivatives. Too late.

As for the locale, I made one for my personal use
long before AEN proposed his version. It is not 
difficult at all even for a user like me 
(non-programmer, background in Humanities).

I am very thankful to AEN to promote Belarusian 
language support along with Ukrainian and Russian.

Alexander Mikhailian