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Offshore Software Localization Assistance

I represent a company (E.T.A. Inc.) operating out of Ankara, Turkey with talented engineers and programmers.

If you have the need to outsource any of your programming or software localization requirements please give me a call. Also you can check out their WEB site at http://www.target.com.tr (follow the link to ETA Inc.)

The following gives a little more detail on the expertise and experience of the company:

ETA was established in 1984 to carry out the engineering, software development, electronic design, and manufacturing activities of the TARGET Group. Since then, ETA has been a respected supplier of products and services for the Turkish market, and a trusted solution partner for international projects. With 15 years of local and international experience, ETA now wishes to expand his business in the US market, offering the following products and services:

(For customers looking for custom design complete solutions) 
╥       Design and implementation of PC based, application specific data acquisition and control systems, (Complete solutions based on GPIB, VXI, PXI, Custom bus, or Hybrid)
╥       Design and implementation of general purpose or application specific Automatic Test Equipment, (Complete solutions based on GPIB, VXI, PXI, Custom bus, or Hybrid)
╥       Development of Test Program Sets for functional testing and component level diagnostics of electronic assemblies, (Variety of languages: ATLAS, VEE, Labview, Labwindows, C++)
╥       Design and implementation of application specific I/O interface assemblies.

(For companies looking for partners, subcontractors for off-shore software development) 
╥       Application specific, real time control and communication drivers for WINDOWS 95/98/NT operating system platforms,
╥       Application specific drivers for GPIB, VXI, PXI platforms,
╥       Re-hosting DOS based legacy applications to WINDOWS 95/98/NT platforms,
╥       Software conversion and software testing,
╥       Website development and design,
╥       Database and GUI applications.

(For companies engaged in the Turkish market and looking for local support) 
╥       Translation of software applications, manuals, and adaptation to Turkish market,
╥       Support for installation, user training, maintenance, and field service.

Erol M Onyuru                 mailto:eta-usa@home.com