Jean-Michel Jarre's pre-Oxygene recordings

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Jarre's first record
The Dustbins "Des Garsons et Des Filles" (1968)

Jarre with guitar
Des Garsons et Des Filles

The man was on the guitar and vocals

Jarre's first single
La Cage / Erosmachine (1970)

La Cage
7": 1970 FR (Pathe Marconi 2C 006-11739)

La Cage

The music on this single was recorded in 1969 during Jarre's time at the Pierre Schaeffer's 'Groupe de Recherches Musicales' at Beaubourg. The tracks are two electronic shorts composed for 16 oscillators, percussion and a musical saw. Rhythmic pattern from Eros Machine was reused in Chronologie part 3.

Zig-Zag Dance (1972)

7": 1972 ?? (...MT 4032)
7": 1972 ?? (...ST 40027)

Zig-Zag Dance by Foggy Joe
Zig-Zag Dance by Electric Choo-Choo Band

Recorded under pseudonyms. Vocals by Samuel Hobo.

Jarre's first solo album
Deserted Palace (1972)

Deserted Palace Click here for Sam Fox cover picture (probably fake)
LP: 1972 FR (Sam Fox 1029) [ps]
LP: 1972 FR (Eden ROC ER 62502)

2:10 Poltergeist Party
2:40 Music Box Concerto
1:37 Rain Forest Rap Session
1:10 A Love Theme For Gargoyles
3:15 Bridge of Promises
0:45 Exasperated Frog
1:55 Take Me To Your Leader
2:10 Deserted Palace
1:05 Pogo Rock
8:00 Wind Swept Canyon
0:55 The Abominable Snowman
2:24 Iraqi Hitch Hiker
2:15 Free Floating Anxiety
1:35 Synthetic Jungle
0:55 Bee Factory

Album Credits:
Jarre (EMS synth, Farfisa organ)

Jarre's soundtrack album
to the film "Les Granges Brulees"(1973)

LP: 1973 FR (Eden ROC ER 62502)

La Chanson Des Grange Brulees
Le Payside Rose
Une Morte Dans La Neige
Le Juge Et Les Paysans
Le Car, Le Chasse Neige
Theme De L'Argent
Le Perquistion Et Les Paysans
Les Grange Brulees
Descente Au Village
La Verite

Various early singles and collaborations
(still under costruction)

Young Jarre
Detailed information on some of these works is available at Galaxie Jarre.

Black bird
Cover version of famous Gershon Kingsley tune was issued in 1971 on 7" under the name "Popcorn Orchestra". On Popcorn Jarre only plays bass (quite awfully). "Black bird" will be included on Deserted Palace LP as "Bridge of Promises".

Freedom Day
Synthetic Man
Another collaboration with Samuel Hobo from 1972 7". Don't blame for wasting time to download and listen this "music", I warned you ;)

Le Matin du Premier Jour
1972, collaboration with Triangle.

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