Java midlets for Motorola

In winter/spring 2001 I participated in a contest organized by Motorola St.Petersburg software development centre. The contest participants developed Java applications for mobile phones. I won a prize in the contest and had to sell all rights for my applications to Motorola for 430$ (a bargain for them to be honest).

Apparently the goal of the contest was to collect ideas (for free) and prototypes (for prize money) for phone applications. As far as I know Motorola currently develops commercial applications based on contest prototypes. Despite the fact that I do not anymore own the applications I wrote and can't legally give you the source code or the binaries, I still can tell what exactly I developed and show you the screenshots.


This is in my opinion the most impressive application. It lets you get realtime weather information and forecast for almost any major town in the world. The actual data is taken from National Weather Service server in the USA, and also from Yahoo Weather website.


When you are faced with a new development platform, what do you do first? Of course you write a Slashdot browser for it! This application actually lets you browse the Slashdot website, read the headlines, articles and comments.


A simple yet somewhat addictive puzzle where you have to make thoughtful guesses about what number corresponds to what letter.

Color Lines

Oh yes. That notorious game that is able to waste days of your life. My mom used to play the original PC version for hours. You have to move balls around and make rows and columns of the same color, that will disappear, providing you more space on the board.

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