Important news - 16 Aug 2003

I would like to cease the active development of pyslsk after version 1.2.4. This means that I will keep doing bugfixes and protocol compatibility fixes, and perhaps integrating patches that people send me, but no new features will be added by me. There are numerous reasons for that.

I'm getting a little burned out, and start feeling like it's time to move on. Also, nir's total lack of interest in improving the network or his client makes me demotivated too. I'm having a fulltime job, which makes it difficult to dedicate as much time to pyslsk as I used to. Pyslsk has about every feature that most people need, so it will be still useful even if it's not actively developed anymore.

The most important reason however is that recently (early august 2003) a new client has been developed, based on pyslsk, but with a totally new GUI. I'm very pleased with how it works, and I'm glad to have a successor. The author asked me not to disclose anything before he makes an announcement, but expect that pretty soon.

I have received about 50 postcards from pyslsk users - they're all very appreciated and they give me a nice feeling of having done something useful for others. That has been the most important outcome of the project for me.

Thank you,

20 Aug 2003 - here's the link to the new client: