Сердце межпланетного лайнера

Delta Robot

Delta robots look really cool in action and they are useful for doing stuff. Wikipedia article: [Delta robot].


March 25, 2010

To move the end effector to a required location in 3-D space, the set angle of all 3 servo motors has to be found from the location of end effector. This is a simple case of inverse kinematics that can be solved analytically. Here is my attempt to summarize all of the necessary math: To prove the ideas, I wrote a simulation program. Besides verification, it is also useful for finding optimal bone lenghts, base and effector dimensions and possible joint angles. It can also be used to estimate working area based on known parameters of existing hardware.

The simulation is written in Processing.js.

For the reference, here is another page with interesting analysis of delta robot kinematics, C code and a functioning robot: [Delta robot kinematics].

To be continued...

Some drawings

March 27, 2010

To be continued...

A few more parts

April 8, 2010

Hip bones cut out from plywood, one fitted on the HDD spindle.

Parts 3D-printed by Shapeways from my designs.

Piecing together

August 19, 2010

End effector, knee joint, whole

Optocouplers for careless interfacing, servo calibration, all together

It's alive!

scalpels sold separately

To be continued...

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