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It sometimes comes over me and I forget everything including girls and waste days and nights modelling 3D stuff. Here are animations I made. As they all are in MPEG1 format you'll need some good MPEG1 video player to view them. If you're on UNIX, try Mpeg TV Player. Berkeley mpeg_play is rather slow and it has some bugs, and xanim plays only I-frames, while there's only one I-frame out of 6 ones in MPEG stream. If you're Weeddoze user, don't ever try Xing, it is kaput. Media Player MPEG codec and Active Movie are proven to be ok.

Arilou vs. Mycon Podship

This is a scene inspired by the one of the best games I've ever seen, Star Control II. (Actually Star Control I and III were way cool too ;)

Arilou kills Mycon Podship in an unequal battle, stopping spreading of Juffo-Wup. Nice explosions, also inspired by Babylon 5.

MPEG, approx. 850Kb
Arilou zaps its green laser, 640x480 JPEG

Toadstool at walk

Jumping fungus, 640x480 JPEG Here's a small shot of the Toadstool having fun at walk. He's new to camera so he's a bit shy.

I've tried to pretend a semi-real world scene. Well, one might admit it is a real world after a quarter of toadstool's hat eaten.

MPEG, approx 250Kb

Lethal Space Pig Fighter

It all began when my friend came to me one day and I started to show him advantages of CSG. I couldn't invent anything better than a pig's snout. The beer was good and we were dying of laugh while modelling this scene.

Prolly nothing can explain stupidness of this clip.

MPEG, approx. 250Kb
Deadly space hog, 640x480 JPEG
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