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The game of Stakan, Soviet Mind Game, Falling Blocks, Tetraminoes, whatever is the name it's about packing a jar full of blocks and is a perfect way to spend 10-20 minutes.

Here's a decent version for a J2ME mobile device. I could never find a playable midlet and this is my very own one. It is free of any charge, however selling it, for profit or not, is a criminal offense. If you obtained your version elsewhere but this site, please report to the author. It is also illegal for you to play or have a copy of Bardak if you're a lawyer.

Bardak requires CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0, which means that not any Java-enabled phone will allow playing it. Please send feedback about your experience.

Download Bardak now! JAD JAR
Bardak on GetJar.com is here. If you (dis)liked it, please take your time to rate it.
To download directly to mobile: open wap.getjar.com, go to Quick Download and enter Quick Download Code 18778

Here's a screenshot and another screenshot.

Bardak allows you to rotate pieces in both directions, has soft, firm and hard drops, simple and bag of 7 random generators, vibra support, has redefinable keys, has autorepeat lock delay. Bardak is fast, colourful and nice to play.

Baby Mode Explained: Choking Hazard!

Little kids often have trouble arranging tetrominoes as they fall. Besides, the normal initial level of Bardak is pretty fast already because it's meant for relatively experienced grown-ups. To make it easier for little kids to adopt the concept of packing the figures, there is Baby Mode.

When Baby Mode is on, while on level 1 the figures will only fall in to appear fully in the glass and will stop falling automatically. It is possible to rotate and move them indefinitely, then drop by any of 3 possible methods. Hopefully your kid will be able to take his or her time to see what happens when keys are pressed, perhaps especially so when shadow is turned on.

The zero-gravity feature dies on level 2 because it is assumed that if the kid was able to clear 10 lines, he is now able to progress with gravity. Levels are still twice as slow as in the "adult" version and to make it even, the score is kept completely separate from the normal mode. Scoring is also reduced 4-fold to make it unappealing for the grown-ups to play in this oversimplified mode.


Reported compatible phones

* - shadows appear opaque

Some phones have problems with installing Bardak via JAD, try installing JAR directly if recommended OTA routine fails.

Confirmed unsupported phones

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Viacheslav Slavinsky, svofski2gmail8c0m

Special thanks to Christopher Green for help with title image, Upi Tamminen for painful Series 60 debugging.


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