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Data Structures

struct  _stepper_xy
struct  _user_xy


typedef int16_t STEPPER_COORD
 User coordinates used in input, arc calculation etc.
typedef double USER_COORD
typedef struct _stepper_xy STEPPER_POINT
typedef struct _user_xy USER_POINT
typedef enum _acceleration_modes ACCEL_MODE


enum  _acceleration_modes {


void step (int8_t xdir, int8_t ydir)
void set_acceleration (ACCEL_MODE accel_mode, uint8_t steep)
void pen_control (uint8_t down)
void plotter_init ()

Typedef Documentation

Acceleration modes. See configs.h for marginal values.

typedef int16_t STEPPER_COORD

User coordinates used in input, arc calculation etc.

< Absolute coordinates used for stepper motion. Negative means invalid.

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typedef struct _stepper_xy STEPPER_POINT

typedef double USER_COORD

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typedef struct _user_xy USER_POINT

Enumeration Type Documentation

Acceleration modes. See configs.h for marginal values.

ACCEL_FIXSLOW  Move slowly, fixed speed.
ACCEL_FIXFAST  Move fast, fastest possible speed.
ACCEL_FIXMEDIUM  Fixed average speed.
ACCEL_ACCEL  Ramp speed up.
ACCEL_DECEL  Ramp speed down.

Definition at line 23 of file motori.h.

Function Documentation

void pen_control ( uint8_t  down  ) 

Controls the pen position. Both servo and solenoid actuators. Causes immediate delay to allow for the pen to settle.

down true if pen should be down, 0 if raised

Definition at line 207 of file motori.c.

void plotter_init (  ) 

Initialize plotter state. Move to home position, then reset everything, including motors and timers. Reset user scale and translation, raise the pen.

Definition at line 225 of file motori.c.

void set_acceleration ( ACCEL_MODE  accel_mode,
uint8_t  steep 

Set motor acceleration profile.

Since the motors are not equal, speed values depend on the prevalent moving axis.

accel_mode acceleration mode
steep true if Y axis is the main axis.
See also:

Definition at line 169 of file motori.c.

void step ( int8_t  xdir,
int8_t  ydir 

Issue the actual step commands to stepper controllers.

xdir,ydir Direction +1/-1, 0 == stand still

Definition at line 160 of file motori.c.

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