Kozel Kino

samovar samovar samovar Effectively the first movie released under Kozel Kino label, this film features an outstanding event of burning global economics byproduct (cardboard boxes from office crap) in the furnace of good olé Russian Samovar, thus serving a kind and humane purpose.

The Samovar was found in the possession of one of us, a lot of cardboard scrap had had to be destroyed. A manly decision was made: to stoke up the Samovar. It was the decision of the day. We made that decision.

The movie is done in the visual style of old silent movies, inspired by the times of old when global economics was unexistent, McDonalds was unheard of and smoke of an Engine was a miracle promising better future.

The experiment was successful. It has been proven that with great will and effort global economics cardboard can be useful for:

  • Mass production of engine-like smoke that smells funny
  • Heating about 5 litres (9 pints) of water to the boiling point
  • Gathering around a lot of people who were previously made indifferent to everything by global economics
  • As a result of all of the above, preparing plenty of drinkable tea

NB:A small amount of pine cones was also used.