It's my placeholder home page, made in vi in few seconds. It have not changed since 2005 I guess, so I plan to add a few new picts here ASAP
Yours truly,
Vasiliy Tolstoy
BTW, here are few of my scanned photoes. Enjoy!


I'm marked by red triangles here.

And here's one of my latest, made with Olympus digital camera. 'Twas a bad day, sonny.

Here's me on hippy feast at June 1st in Moscow. Quite non-hippy look, heh?

...and slightly before -- on "Elba" in spring 2001. With famous samovar and so on. (BTW, the stump upon which the samovar is was brought here by me too. Imported stump.)

It's me cutting a 1" water pipe. Working class, heh.

Me at my kitchen. More or less mine one. Anyway. Lookin awful, like a disgusted boar. Maybe I really just look so?

The freshiest one (so far). Well, at least I can recognize myself on it.

Time is changing. Now it's trendy to sit and get some fresh hemorroids in an air-conditioned office out of natural light. So trendy am I!