C:/usr/src/avr/plotter/line.h File Reference

#include <inttypes.h>

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uint8_t motors_ready ()
int16_t movestep (int16_t x1, int16_t y1)
uint8_t move_is_steep ()

Function Documentation

uint8_t motors_ready (  ) 

true if motors are not moving

Definition at line 16 of file line.c.

uint8_t move_is_steep (  ) 

true if X and Y coordinates are swapped

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int16_t movestep ( int16_t  x1,
int16_t  y1 

Initialize a line, or perform a subsequent line step.

If motors_ready(), initiate a new line from the current location (stepper_loc) to specified (x1,y1). Subsequent steps should make calls with (-1,-1) arguments. Each line step will will call back external function step(x,y), until movement is done.

The movement is calculated using adopted Bresenham's algorithm.

amount of steps after the first call

ordinal number of the current step during movement

See also:
step(x,y) (motori.h)

Definition at line 26 of file line.c.

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